VoiceThread in the world language classroom

presented by Ericka Collado
Spanish Teacher, West Orange Public Schools
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VoiceThread as a virtual classroom
El Arte de España
Target Language: Spanish
Proficiency level: Novice-Mid/8th grade

  • Introduction of concepts:

¿Qué sabes de Velázquez, Goya y "El Greco"?

  • Practice exercises:

Los Adjetivos Descriptivos

Los Adjetivos Descriptivos II

Tres pintores de España (crossword puzzle)

  • Differentiated instruction

  • Student collaboration/peer feedback

  • Standard-based instruction: ACTFL - 5C's NJCCCS - World Languages
    1. Communication: The students will be able to apply learned vocabulary and expressions through commentary using voice and/or text, and by creating a multimedia project.
    2. Cultures: The students will be able to understand cultural practices and products through authentic material presented on illustrations and videos, and real life scenarios.
    3. Connections: The students will be able to demonstrate technological competence through the learning of the target language. NJCCCS: Technological Literacy
    4. Comparisons: The students will be able to compare and contrast languages and culture through multimedia projects and peer discussions.
    5. Communities: The students will be able to extend the language learning experience outside of the classroom through the use of the World Wide Web.

  • Language proficiency assessment:
    • Modes of Communication:
      • Interpretive

Salvador Dalí (project sample)

"El Cuarto Misterioso" - Episode 1 (preview and video doodling [presentational speaking])

      • Interpersonal

Visita al Museo del Prado (sample conversation)

      • Presentational: Un pintor de España (presentational speaking/writing task)

Francisco Goya by King Khan (presentation using voice)

Salvador Dalí by Peace.Love.ViveLaVida (presentation using voice and doodling)

Pablo Picasso by Thisisntraasmi (presentation using voice with commentary)

  • And last but not least..... Video Doodling!

"Las cosas en la clase"