Using Videos in the Classroom
by Melissa Garcia and Tim Margiotta
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Melissa Garcia and Timothy Margiotta
Spanish Teachers at LCJSMS in Summit, NJ

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content StandardsSTANDARD 7.1 (Communication) All students will be able to communicate in at least one world language in addition to English. They will use language to engage in conversation, understand and interpret spoken and written language, present information, concepts, and ideas while making connections with other disciplines, and compare the language/culture studied with their own.

STANDARD 7.2 (Culture) All students will demonstrate an understanding of the perspectives of a culture(s) through experiences with its products and practices.
external image movie_clipart.gif1. Get Excited! Getting students interested in language and culture using videos

external image movie_clipart.gif2. Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar

external image movie_clipart.gif 3.Student Centered - Student Produced
    • Creating Videos of Student Work

external image movie_clipart.gif 4. Tech Tip Corner